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It’s my birthday

I celebrated my birthday a few days ago, I enjoyed my day with my family. My best friend who lives in my neighborhood made my birthday even more special with her gifts and she stayed over for a movie. We had lunch, discussed about our podcast and took tons of photos.

I usually spend my birthday mornings with my family and my evenings with my friends. My friends will surprise me by taking me somewhere , usually it’s a restaurant or a bookstore.

My last two birthdays were different though, last year I didn’t do anything other than reading. I really wasn’t in the mood to celebrate anything. But this birthday was different, even though I didn’t do much, I appreciated my company, my loved ones.

No matter what happens, my sister make sure that I have a cake on my birthday along with some big gift. This year she got me books and dresses. My grandparents gave me some chocolates, money and sweets. My mom and sister made a delicious breakfast and lunch.

My best friend made my birthday a lot more special with all her thoughtful gifts. I really loved it and I know for a fact that she prepared all my gifts for a month. I’m really grateful to have such a person in my life.

To sum it up, I had a lovely time with my loved ones. It was so great to feel happy and content in these days.

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and happy. Let’s keep everyone in our prayers.


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