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Why do I prefer reading?

I’m a person who has many hobbies such as crocheting, journaling, learning languages but out of all these my favourite is reading. I believe that hobbies are something that helps one to improvise and enjoy the process. Reading is like that for me.

When I read, I go into this beautiful world where the world is good, friendships lasts forever, lovers have a happy ending and of course if I pick a sad ending book, I learn the importance of pain and sufferings. It doesn’t matter which book I pick, there is always a lesson to learn, a new perspective to see.

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Just like humans who are different but similar in many ways, books are made in different genres but they all have something to say. One thing which always fascinated me is the ability of the authors to make the readers see what they create in their imaginations.

I started reading from a young age but a few years back I became an avid reader. I joined bookstagram community in Instagram and started posting my thoughts on books, attended authors meet. I finally found a place which made me feel a part of it.

After a year on bookstagram, I started influencing my friends and family to read books. In the beginning of this year, I started a podcast with my best friend.

And in this way, reading books became a part of my identity.

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