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My 3 favorite books with badass female lead

I love reading books where the female lead is strong, intelligent. When I say badass I don’t really mean fighting or violence, I mean how they hold themselves in tough situations.

Conductors by Nicole Glover

Published: 2021.

Genre: Mystery, Magic realism.

After the civil war, Hetty and her husband settles in Philadelphia and solve mysteries. They also help people to move towards the north with her wit and magic. Hetty and Benji make a wonderful team but when they find out one of their friend is dead they have to question everything they ever believed in.

What I really loved in this book is how the usage of the magic is so unique. The plot line matches perfectly well with the history. I became a fan of Sigil magic. And Hetty is very smart and talented that’s totally not just because of her magic. To sum it up, this is murder mystery book with a smart lead who perform sigil magic.

Snowspelled by Stephanie Burgis:

Published: 2017.

Genre: Romance.

Cassandra breaks all the stereotypes and learns magic in a world where men are meant to practice magic and females are meant to be in politics. But due to an unfortunate event she loses her magic. And one day her ex-fiance shows up leading to many interesting events.

This is a duology and I couldn’t keep the book down before I finished. I loved how they portrayed the importance and strength of family and loved ones. All the lead female characters are in their own league. Do check it out if you want to read a book with politics in fantasy with badass female character.

The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkin Reid:

Published: 2017.

Genre: Romance, historic.

This story revolves around Evelyn Hugo and how she unapologetically built her own career. This is set in 50’s when Evelyn tries to get out of poverty and becomes an actress.

Even though the title is scandalous and I expected to read something related to this but that’s absolutely wrong. At the end of the book all I can think about is Evelyn. She is badass in her own way.

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  1. thanks for these recommendations! i can’t wait to check these out 🙂 great post 🙂

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