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June wrap up

I didn’t read much in june due to my exams. And I’m finally done with my UG, now I’m busy with my admission process for PG. I think I will be pretty much occupied in July too but still I want to read a lot this month. Fingers crossed.

The haunting of the hill house by Shirley Jackson:

Published: 1959.

Genre: Gothic fiction, Psychological.


Dr.Montague wanted to learn more about the mystery of the hill house, so he rents the house and invites people who had a paranormal experience. Eleanor and Theodora accepts his invitation, so along with them Luke Sanderson, heir to the hill house, joins Dr.Montague’s research. And the rest of the story is what they found, and how it affected them.

My Thoughts:

To be really honest, I was confused. I had to re-read a lot to understand what’s going on. But the author sure made my heart race in fear and I literally looked behind me constantly. I haven’t read many books in Gothic psychology but this book was just wow. I’m still not sure whether I loved it or not. I loved the writing and character transformation though.

Hang the moon by Alexandria Bellefleur:

This is a sequel to written in the stars.

Published: 2021.

Genre: Romance.


Brendon Lowell, created a dating app because he believes true love exists and wants to help others find ‘the one’. Annie is almost in the verge to give up trying to find her true love. After accepting an offer to permanently settle in London, she decides to just visit her best friend Darcy (Who is Brendon’s sister) in Seattle. And this takes her to a rollercoaster ride.

My thoughts:

One word to describe this book: Heartfelt and wholesome. I loved written in the stars so I know I have to pick this book as soon as it got released. Brendon has my heart, he is just one of those characters that will make you swoon and gush over. Their journey is too good to miss. I definitely recommend this book.

The little bookshop of lonely hearts by Anne Darling:

Published: 2016.

Genre: Romance, Contemporary.


Posy loves to read books and she is great at selling them too. She was shocked to know that her friend, boss, mother figure, Lavinia, leaves the Bookend shop to her. Posy takes up the challenge to look after the shop and her little brother, Sam. Along with her friends/colleagues she comes up with a plan to bring back the glory of bookend.

Sebastian, grandson of Lavinia, have never left her alone. His constant teasing increases when Posy inherits the shop.

My thoughts:

This is another cute, heartwarming romance. I don’t know whether to say this is an enemies to lovers book or friends/crush to lovers. Anyways I loved Posy’s friends, their friendship and loyalty was just so cute. This is a cute British romance story with lots of books in it. I would say perfect for booklovers like me.

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