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Brown Sister series -Review


Get a life, Chloe Brown.

Take a hint, Dani Brown.

Act your age, Eve Brown.

Author: Talia Hibbert.

Genre: Romance.

Get a life, Chloe Brown:

Love is certainly never safe, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Get a life, Chloe Brown. Talia Hibbert

Chloe Brown is the eldest in the Brown family. While struggling with her chronic illness, she focuses only on her work with absolutely no social life. When she comes across her apartment’s superintendent, Redford, she soon realizes her life is about to take a turn.

In her quest to get a life, she make a list of things she wants to do. But can someone make their life very happy with just a list?

I absolutely adore Red’s inablility to say No to the old ladies in the apartment. Chloe and Red make a power couple with cuteness overloaded. This is such a lovely book, it will make you cry, happy and make you fell oh so single.

Take a hint, Dani Brown:

The world wasn’t split into unhappy endings and happily ever afters. There were blessings everywhere and a thousand shades of joy all around him.

Take a hint, Dani Brown. Talia Hibbert.

Dani Brown just wants to be the best in her career. As a professor, she works more than necessary, in other words, she is a workaholic. When her class is moved to a new building, she meet Zafir, security guard. One misunderstanding event, one tweet, turns them into a fake couple.

I’m not sure whether this is a friends to lovers troupe or fake dating troupe. I think it’s both. Dani and Zafir are such a funny and hot couple. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much while reading book.

One of the things I loved a lot about this book is how the author moved their relationship so slowly and at the same time not very slow.

Act your age, Eve Brown:

Sometimes being convenient instead of real was exhausting.

Act your age, Eve Brown. Talia Hibbert.

The youngest Brown sister, Eve Brown, have always been pampered either by her parents or by her sisters. By no means she is a brat, she is just scared of loosing and that makes her a person who gives up easily. When her parents give her the ultimatum, Eve has to take a stand.

Through pure coincidence, she meets Jacob, who is the owner of a Bed and Breakfast. He is in need of a chef and with no other option he hires Eve as his chef. Will Eve finally figure out what she want to do in her life?

If I must choose one among the Brown sister, it will definitely be Eve. She is funny but also a very persistent person. As a youngest in my family, I can totally relate to Eve and sometimes being the youngest can be a pressure in itself.

All the books in the series is very diverse with lots of culture. And I absolutely loved how the author spoke about at least one mental health issues in the book. It was a great journey, I will highly recommend this book.

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