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August wrap up

In August I didn’t read anything much as I was busy with my part-time and courses. Now I’m trying to get into a college for PG. I want to do my masters in Cyber forensics and Information Security 🙈.

I read The bride test which is a sequel to The kiss quotient, Neon Gods by Katee Roberts and Crooked Kingdom. Among all the books I loved crooked kingdom but I hated the ending, it was unnecessary. If you have read the book you know what I’m talking about. 

Anyhow, The bride test was a cute love story just like the kiss quotient. I’m falling in love with Vietnamese culture. Even though I haven’t seen or tasted any Vietnamese food, these books are making me crave it. Check out my review here.

And Neon Gods, my God, it was too much smut for me. Not commenting much about that.

How was your August month?? What did you all read? I would love to know!!


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