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The love hypothesis – Book review

Author: Ali Hazelwood.

Genre: Romance, Contemporary.

Published: 2021.


Olive Smith has always been alone. When she met Anh, she knew she found her one true best friend for life. As a good friend, Olive wants to prove her that she has moved on happily, so that Anh can date guilt free. A scientist always looks for proofs, so Olive kisses the first person she finds.

And that person is none other than Adam Carlsen, a hothead professor. Another shocking event is when Adam agrees to keep up the fake dating facade. When Olive has to face certain hardships career wise, Adam provides his unrelenting support.

Olive and Adam have to differentiate between the reality and fake, as the emotions comes to play.


This is the first time I read a academia romance and now my expectations are at a very high place. The characters are developed well, it is more likely the realness of the character I loved the most. Adam Carlsen is one such character who is ideal in many ways.

Overall I loved all the nerdy banters between the characters, quirky and sweet Adam and the friendship between Anh, Olive and Malcolm is goals!

The plot is quite simple but I loved the story flow though. Each characters had their own part in the plot. As a person who likes to read fake dating troupe, this book turned out to be my favourite. This is the second read of this year and I don’t regret picking it up!

Do read this book if you like contemporary fake dating romance with lots of nerdy banters and cute couples.

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  1. I read it as well and it was super cute!!🌟

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