Is there a safe plan in life?

Life is not a bud of roses… How many times have you heard this quote? I’m pretty sure it’s more than you can count.

And what will happen if you say someone that you’re doing an unconventional job, I mean not the typical safe job. I’m sure many will offend you by asking ‘Is it a hobby?’ .

When I said I love to create content and manage social media accounts, no one really understood that this indeed is a career and yes, you can earn by work from home. I agree it is not a ‘safe plan’ to work in social media but when you do something you love even for a little while, don’t you think it’s worth it??

I know a lot of people feeling miserable about their whole life whether it be personal or professional just because they are doing something they don’t love.

I know it’s easier said than done but if you get to live a life you really want with all the risk involved, won’t you atleast try?

I hope everyone get atleast a chance to fight for what you want!!

P.S. I’m amidst those figuring out phase too!

Journal with me

“Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.”

Mina Murray

I started to journaling from a very young age, but I was not consistent until last year. I’m now maintaining a diary only to keep track of all the books I read, reviews, TBR and also about the series I watched. I tried maintaining a personal diary where I wanted to write about my thoughts and goals but somehow I couldn’t. So I decided to do art journal this year. In art journals you try to express what’s going on in your mind through images, colours, words etc.

This picture is taken from google.

One of the biggest advantage is no one other than me could understand the meaning of all the colours, images. Some art journals will have lots of picture representation while others will have a lots of writings. I prefer art journal with lots of images and less words. I would love to work on my thoughts, behavior and also learn more about me.

I was inspired to do this because of Daveen and she is a pro in art journaling. I’m also trying to combine art journaling with book journaling. It was so exciting and peaceful to work on my thoughts and use colours accordingly while at the same time keeping track of what I read.

This is what I did

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I can be calm and thoughtful just because i was journaling but now i can really do assure you, this is so true. Do try journaling, let it be any type of journaling.

And let me know if you want me write about different types of journaling!!

Small Business owner: Dolly Speaks!! Our Bookish Dreams

In this episode you'll hear about the lifestyle of a small business owner, Dolly. Her inspiration, designs,products,arts and many more. You can find her @book.anatomy and do check out her products!
  1. Small Business owner: Dolly Speaks!!
  2. The TALK with Siba
  3. How to convince your friend to read your favourite book !
  5. Is there really a format in writing a book review??

The most anticipated releases in January

When I started reading few years back, I was so keen on reading books which was sort of must read book like To kill a mockingbird, the book thief. And I never really noticed what are new releases. But in this 2021, I wanted to track all the new releases and do reviews. Mainly because, I wanted to appreciate the efforts of debut authors. So as a first step toward my resolution, I’m writing this blog.

1. Concrete rose by Angie Thomas

This is a prequel to The hate you give. 17 year old Maverick Carter knows that a real man takes care of his family. As the son of former gang legend, he deals for the king Lords. Mainly because he wants to take care of his mother who works 2 jobs.

With a girlfriend and a cousin, he thinks his life is good. Until he learns that he is going to be a dad. He tries to get straight for his kid’s future but he can’t just walk away from everything.

I haven’t yet read the hate you give and so I’m going to read this book first and then read the hate you give.

2. Lore by Alexander Bracken

As a punishment for a rebellion, 9 Greek Gods are forced to walk the earth as mortals, facing a lot of troubles, as everyone are eager to kill a God and earn immortality. Long ago, Lore Perseous fled that brutal world in the wake of her family’s sadistic murder by a rival line. For years, she is against taking any revenge.

In a hunt, two people seek her help to bring down their common enemy. but everything has a cost, what will she have to pay??

As I’m always fascinated about Greek mythology, this book sounds like it will become one of my best reads. Fingers crossed!!

3.The wife upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

Jane arrived to Birmingham as a broke dog-walker. She lives in a gated community full of Mansions, shiny cars. She meets Eddie, a recent widow, a mysterious man. They fall in love but she is haunted by the legends of Bea, an ambitious beauty with a rags to riches origin, who launches a wildly successful southern lifestyle. Will Jane get her happily ever after?

This actually sounds like a movie I saw (I know you can guess which movie!!) , so I’m curious about what this actually contains.

4. Wings of Ebony by J.Elle (#1 wings of ebony)

Rue’s life changes upside down when she founds her mom shot dead in her doorstep. She’s taken from her home by father she never know existed, forced to leave her little sister behind, and whisked away to a whole new world.

She is a half God and half Human, all the leaders protect the magic and the=rive on human’s sufferings. She breaks the law and leaves to visit her sister in Houston. She needs to save her from neighborhood evil. What will happen??

Give me a magic book with family love, I’m sold. This book sounds so interesting, let’s hope I finish this book in this year itself!!

5. Happily ever after by Elise Bryant

17 year old Tessa Johnson has never felt like the protagonist in her own life. Caroline is her #1 devoted reader and best friend. When she was accepted into a creative writing program in a prestigious art school, the words are just gone. Caroline suggests to find an inspiration in her own real-life love story.

But is this what she really wants?

This is going to be the book I’ll pick when I want to read something light. I’m just guessing that it will be a light and easy read.

6. Our darkest hour by Jennifer Robson

To survive a holocaust, a young Jewish woman must disguise as a Christian farmer’s wife. In autumn of 1943, life is becoming increasingly perilous for Italian Jews. With Nazi Germany, occupying most of her hometown, Antonia has one way to escape, to hide in the countryside with a man she just met.

Each day they fall in love but both fear that every passing day brings them closer to being torn apart. What will happen?

I was always curious about the lifestyle of people during world war and this blurb just gave me chills, Gods I hope this is a happy ending!!!

These are the 6 books I’m anticipating the most. Do let me know about the books you’re expecting the most.

Small Business owner: Dolly Speaks!! Our Bookish Dreams

In this episode you'll hear about the lifestyle of a small business owner, Dolly. Her inspiration, designs,products,arts and many more. You can find her @book.anatomy and do check out her products!
  1. Small Business owner: Dolly Speaks!!
  2. The TALK with Siba
  3. How to convince your friend to read your favourite book !
  5. Is there really a format in writing a book review??

New on the podcast

When you talk about books, you see yourself in a perspective you’ve never put yourself into.

In this podcast, we talk about different perspectives, have a fun conversation with other bloggers, authors and other book loving people.

We are elated to announce about our podcast!! You can hear me there! Do check it out.

Our bookish dreams

Have you ever wondered why many people insist on reading from childhood??

My friend Shuka and I came to a conclusion that it’s because while reading you can be anyone you want. you can be the hero, heroine or villain. Who cares?? This is your world and this is your choice.

And this is our podcast and our bookish dreams. This is the place where we both are doing what we always dreamt of doing, we’re sharing our dreams, aspirations and thoughts with you all.

In this podcast you’ll hear about book reviews, interviews, fun challenges, and many more. We are looking forward for this new journey. ironically this is one phase of my reading journey.

Our podcast is available in spotify, google podcast, breaker, RadioPublic, PocketCasts and very soon in apple podcasts. A few episodes is already out and you can expect us to pop up in your notifications(believing that you’ve subscribed) every two days.

We’re planning to talk about diverse genres each month and at least 2 non-fiction books. And bring in lots of information regarding new book release, exclusive interview of authors and many more. you can know more about the podcast in this blog.

Hopefully, this will be the first of many blogs, I’ll have the pleasure of writing about our podcast. Do check it out. And let us know what you think. You can approach us through email and instagram. I’ll see you guys in the next episode.

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