Is there a safe plan in life?

Life is not a bud of roses… How many times have you heard this quote? I’m pretty sure it’s more than you can count.

And what will happen if you say someone that you’re doing an unconventional job, I mean not the typical safe job. I’m sure many will offend you by asking ‘Is it a hobby?’ .

When I said I love to create content and manage social media accounts, no one really understood that this indeed is a career and yes, you can earn by work from home. I agree it is not a ‘safe plan’ to work in social media but when you do something you love even for a little while, don’t you think it’s worth it??

I know a lot of people feeling miserable about their whole life whether it be personal or professional just because they are doing something they don’t love.

I know it’s easier said than done but if you get to live a life you really want with all the risk involved, won’t you atleast try?

I hope everyone get atleast a chance to fight for what you want!!

P.S. I’m amidst those figuring out phase too!

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